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We do customized orthotics (Foot Levelers) to stabilize your spine. They will protect you against harsh shock blows to your heels and support your feet upon full weight bearing. If you want and need extreme support, comfort and performance from your feet, these are the orthotics for you. Dr. Halberg will custom fit your feet.

Physical Therapy

Our office is well equipped to perform some physical therapy for certain conditions. We find that the combination of working with muscles and realigning your spine will give you faster relief from pain.

Massage Therapy

Our licensed massage therapist will work in conjunction with the chiropractor at our office. We will achieve the best results to alleviate pain while you feel rejuvenated after the massage.

X Rays

Our office has it's own X-ray equipment in house, making it faster and easier to obtain the necesary views to better serve you. We adhere to the highest standards in X-ray regulations for the State of New York, minimazing radiation.

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